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SparkPoint Wallet

A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that can store SparkPoint (SRK) Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and some ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens. It has a built-in in-app exchange, ChangeNOW and Changelly. And offers high level of security and privacy.

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Blockchain Gaming


An innovative gaming platform where players can truly own items and earn points with real world value through blockchain.

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E-Learning Platform


An e-learning portal that offers blockchain technology and financial literacy courses that help jumpstart your journey into the cryptocurrency space.

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Crypto Finance


Decentralized Finance dapp that allows for liquidity staking, borrowing, and lending using SRK and SFUEL token as collateral.

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Business and Deflationary Model

Sparkpoint Revenue Model

SparkPoint's SRK token is an innovative cryptocurrency with an ecosystem designed to benefit long-term holders. By using a significant percentage of the project's revenue, the team is able to buy back and burn SRK tokens from the open markets each quarter until the total supply is reduced to 10 billion SRK.

SRK Token

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